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Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Made in Ohio. Ohio goods, t-shirts, prints, accessories, jewelry, home goods and photography. Our line of artisan Ohio products celebrates the natural beauty of Ohio with every piece. All of our products are handmade and hand-selected. Our collection showcases the most talented craftsmen and makers from all over the state of Ohio.

Findlay Market in Cincinnati

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Findlay Market in Cincinnati

Rikki Teeters

One of our favorite places in Cincinnati is the Findlay Market. Located in Over-the-Rhine, Findlay Market is full of diverse culture. Here we can find fresh produce, handmade pastas & breads, exotic spices, and local & international foods all in one location.

Findlay Market Ohio
Findlay Market Ohio
Findlay Market Ohio
Findlay Market Ohio

Our 5 Favorite Merchants at Findlay Market

1. Bouchard's Pasta

2. Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices

3. J. E. Gibbs Cheese

4. Em's Sourdough Bread

5. Mt. Kofinas Olive Oils

You can learn more about Findlay Market and their local merchants at!

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